Name: Dust Masks FFP2S
 Description: Dust mask used for protection against dusts in grain handling environments.
 Packing: Available in packs of 20
 Use: Protection from dust inhalation.

 Name: Half Mask
 Description: This is a gas mask covering the mouth and nose. It is a high quality mask meeting DIN and other international specifications.
 Packing: Available in unit packs.

 Name: Full Face Gas Mask
 Description: A full face gas mask covering mouth, nose and eyes. The unit is MLW-SABS Approved and is suitable for use in fumigation's.
 Packing: Available in single units.
 Use: Used for protection against fumigants such as phosphine and Methyl Bromide in conjunction with the appropriate canisters.

Full face mask with cannister

 Name: Gas Mask Canisters
 Description: An adsorbent canisters for use with a full face gas mask to filter out toxic gasses. The following types are available:

B2P3 Inorganic gas, grey code, phosphine
A2P3 Organic gas, brown code (not Me Br)
AXP3 Organic gas, brown code eg. MeBr
P3 Particle filter (Spray)
 Use: Used in the fumigation industry as well as mining, chemical and military uses.


 Name: Gas Detector Tubes
 Description: A range of tubes for measuring phosphine gas concentrations over the range zero to 2000ppm. The following ranges are available.
0 - 10ppm
5 - 50ppm
20 - 700ppm
50 - 2000ppm
The tubes are used in conjunction with the aspirator and indicate the concentration of phosphine in air by a change in colour along the length of the tube. Accuracy is approximately 20%
 Use: Used for measuring phosphine concentrations during fumigation's.


 Name: Aspirator Pump
 Description: The aspirator pump is a bellows pump with a capacity of 50 ml. It is used in conjunction with gas concentration measuring tubes to provide an accurate sample volume in order to measure gas concentrations during fumigation's.
 Packing: Available in single units in a soft pouch.
 Use: Used for sampling gasses during fumigations.
 Name: BF Fogger / Fog Master
 Description: Petrol driven fogging machines for producing ULB aerosols and fogs from a variety of solutions. Various unit sizes are available.
 Use: Used for application of insecticidal fogging solutions in warehouses, mills, nurseries chicken houses etc.


 Name: Pellet Dispenser
 Description: Automatic pellet dispenser for the application of aliminium phosphide fumigants to grain.


 Name: Spiroprobe
 Description: A patented grain sampler operating on the auger principle. The unit produces a truly representative sample irrespective of the rate at which it penetrates the grain bulk.
 Use: Sampling of bulk grains in trucks, trailers or bulk stores.


 Name: Osatu
 Description: Hand operated spray applicator for use with insecticides. Capacity vary from 6 - 20 litres
 Use: Application of liquid sprays in a variety of industries.


  • tarpaulins
  • electronic gas concentration measuring devices
  • pheromone traps - choices available for selected insects eg. indian meat moth